Texas Liquor License knows the market better than anyone. We can assist you with obtaining any bond you need, whether for the TABC, the State Comptroller or the TTB.  Just fill out and submit this form to receive a quote.

The out-of-pocket cost of a bond is in the form of an annual premium, which is based mostly on the bond amount and your credit profile (the credit pull is an “insurance pull” that does not impact your credit score). The more detailed financial information you provide, the easier it is for the surety company to assess the risk associated with the bond which may improve your quote.

Conduct Surety Bond: If you’re obtaining a liquor or beer license for a bar, you will be required to post a $5,000 Conduct Surety Bond with the TABC.  If after 3 years of operation with no violations, TABC may exempt you from this requirement.  If your bar operates using a beer license (BG), you may also be required to post a $2,000 performance bond if you are located inside a major county (Bexar, Dallas, Harris, Tarrant). If you incur multiple violations (selling to a minor, topping off liquor bottles, etc.), TABC may “pull” or collect on your bond. This means you will owe TABC a $5,000 penalty. If you do not pay it, TABC will collect against the Conduct Surety Bond and you will owe $5,000 to the surety company.

Mixed Beverage Sales Tax and Gross Receipts Tax Bonds: If you obtain a Mixed Beverage Permit from TABC, the State Comptroller will require you to post a $3,750 Mixed Beverage Sales Tax and a $3,750 Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Bond.  These two bonds become due after your liquor license issued by TABC.  Anyone with a Mixed Beverage permit, including both bars and restaurants, must post these two bonds for the first two years of operation. You may become exempt after two years if you file and pay your sales and gross receipts taxes on time each month/quarter and have no late pays.